Our Spotlight section features Irish food businesses and individuals who focus on locally produced products.

Irish Taste Club basket
Irish Taste Club
Can’t make it over to Ireland for the burgeoning foodie scene? Irish Taste Club will ship it to your door as a one-off or on a subscription basis.
Rory Morahan The Druid Chef
The Druid Chef
Rory Morahan, aka the Druid Chef, is an expert at traditional Irish cooking. And his culinary knowledge goes way back.
CĂșlcow ice cream
Cúlcow Artisan Ice Cream
Ever tried
Guinness Ice Cream or Champagne Sorbet? Cúlcow Artisan Ice Cream ships unique as well as traditional ice cream all over Ireland.
Olly’s Farm
Set high in the Dublin Mountains, Olly’s Farm focuses on raw honey. You won’t believe the different flavors the sweet stuff possesses when the bees are let off to roam on different types of flower fields.
Green Sheep dripping pie
The Green Sheep
The Green Sheep, in County Tipperary, focuses on fresh, local ingredients, but they also try to leave as clean a carbon footprint as they can… and then there’s the pie!